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FCAT 2.0

Welcome to FCAT Mentor, publisher of FCAT test preparation resources for teachersparents, and students who will take Florida Comprehensive Achievement Tests.

In the Web help by standard section, organized by grade levels at upper left, you will find resources, and interactive exercises organized by curriculum standard in English Language Arts, Math, Science and History. 

In our rubrics section, learn to create your own authentic assessment tools. Learn how to use data to help fine-tune your curriculum to specific student needs. Learn what the standards say, and find out what's new regarding FCAT Tests and new regulations.

FCAT Scores

  • Where can I find FCAT released items (sample test items, item samplers, old FCAT tests)? http://fcat.fldoe.org/fcatrelease.asp

  • What does F.C.A.T. mean? (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test)

  • Will FCAT go away now that we have Common Core Standards?

  • Can we use calculators on the FCAT? On some exams you may use a four function calculator. We have calculators and resource kits here.

Worksheets (E-Books) for immediate download can be found here. Use

worksheets for test practice in school or around the kitchen table.

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